Meet Ryan

Ryan, Head of Training

When did your relationship with Green Chimneys Summer Camp begin?

As a camper, I started going to Hillside in 1999 when I was 7 years old. I’ve been on staff since 2006, and have only missed 2 summers … doing the math I think that makes this my 11th summer on staff.

How did camp make you feel as a camper?

Ryan has been on camp staff for 11 summers

Ryan in 2007

My family moved from Port Chester, NY to New Fairfield, CT in the summer of ’99, so camp was very pivotal in my transition to my new home. It was exciting to have so much space outdoors to play since I was used to a small indoor summer camp at a local school. Camp made me feel safe, and special … kind of like how home does. You get to act silly and rowdy without feeling judged.

Are there elements of your favorite counselor(s) that you try to emulate? If so, what are they?

  • Australian accent – My first ever counselor’s name was Cailey, she was Australian. I have yet to master the accent, but I have all the lingo down like, “port-o-loo”, and I know the Australian National Anthem.
  • Proud of who they are – I would have to say I learned from the best when it comes to never being embarrassed about who I am. I like to show my campers that they can be themselves without shame.
  • Authentic – Again, my favorite counselors all felt very true to themselves. I could tell that they were always genuinely happy to see me, and actually cared about me.

What are 4 adjectives your campers would use to describe you? What are you most known for at camp?

I would hope that they would describe me as “caring, nurturing, enriching, and fun,” but my campers have described me as, “bearded, insane, too loud, and lit.” Lit was surprising, but I love it. I’m most known for my incessant singing, and my incredible PB&J making skills. I spread the peanut butter out perfectly and can cut them into any shape requested.

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