School Programs

The Green Chimneys School offers an enriched academic environment with a vast array of innovative programming, including life skills, music and art, therapeutic animal-assisted activities, and outdoor education, all based in experiential learning. The fully integrated approach to education at Green Chimneys includes: AcademicsTherapeutic EducationClinical & Related Services, Animal & Nature Program and Vocational Education.

Green Chimneys Farm & Wildlife Center includes miniature horses

Ari & Dinky

The Green Chimneys farm truly does feel like home when you have your own family member by your side. Brothers Ari & Dinky live happily together in the horse barn but their relationship is also peppered with typical brotherly behavior such as playful squabbles and hints of competition. These miniature horses are very curious, quite personable, and greet visitors without hesitation. Green Chimneys students learn many things from the animals and their histories and relationships can be valuable teaching points, sometimes helping students to relate and better understand their own family situations.