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New York Yankees President and Wife Pledge Support for Green Chimneys Children and Animals

November 18, 2017

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July 11, 2016

As animal advocates and supporters of children’s causes, New York Yankees President Randy Levine and wife Mindy found an instant connection with Green Chimneys. And it’s a connection that has inspired them to create new ways to support our programs for children and animals while helping raise awareness too.

In June, the Levines committed to donating money to Green Chimneys with each purchase of the Yankees' new “NO RUNS DMC” t-shirts (original story here). And then came an entirely new play: the Levines pledged $10,000 to Green Chimneys. There’s one caveat: they want others to donate too.

“Some things in life transcend team affiliations,” said Mrs. Levine via Twitter, “We can all join together to cheer on Green Chimneys!” The Levines will celebrate with Green Chimneys at The Victory Cup’s Farm Bash on Saturday, July 16 in Pawling, NY.

We’re so grateful to the Levines –our MVPs– for their generosity and team spirit!
The Levines are asking you to step up to the plate. Your matching gift amplifies support for children with special needs and the animals who help them learn and grow.

Join the team with your matching gift >


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