What Our Interns Say About Their Experience


“I didn’t even know if I would like the farm, the staff, the kids, or the other interns. I had no idea what to expect when I was accepted. I enjoyed my internship so much that I wanted more of Green Chimneys and decided to join Hillside Summer Camp as a horse specialist.”
Amelia - Currently pursuing a degree in Occupational Therapy

“One of my most touching moments occurred right at the end of my internship. One of the students I had been working with organized a farewell party for me. It was such a surprise. I suddenly realized that in a short time you can have a significant impact on somebody’s life. Although we had no major wow moments together, all the little things added up and you know they’ll miss you as much as you’ll miss them.”

“The intern experience is unparalleled, as it offers world class experienced teachers and mentors, an incredible site, weekly trainings, and flexibility to experiment with your interests.”
Elizabeth - Currently pursuing an MSW with a concentration in Horticulture at Denver University

“I went to Green Chimneys expecting just another internship. What I found was a family that doesn’t judge people based on appearances, but instead sees people for who they are and helps them become who they want to be.”
Ian - Currently completing degrees in Biology and Psychology and returning for a second internship in summer of 2012

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