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The focus of this two-day conference is on enhancing and supporting the development of resilience in children who have experience a broad range of trauma due to diverse life circumstances via experiential learning.

  • Expand your vision for culturally sensitive animal-assisted interventions as part of trauma-informed care and education
  • Discuss animal-based programming as a component to building resilience in clients/students
  • Focus on the welfare of animals in human-animal interaction programs
  • Strive toward and define evidence-based practices in animal-assisted interventions
  • Participate in sessions that utilize the Green Chimneys Farm & Wildlife Center as a “living laboratory”
  • Celebrate information exchange with colleagues
  • Set a shared standard of excellence as a goal for all practitioners

Participants are expected to bring a wide range of experience in working with animals in a healthcare or education settings and must share a commitment to exploring the practical and ethical considerations of working with diverse species. Animal training, animal handling, evaluation of animal behavior in human service contexts will be discussed as important elements to creating beneficial interactions. Critical building blocks of a human-animal interaction program will be examined including:

  • The “how to” of client involvement
  • Evidence-based interactions
  • Administrative details, program structure and risk management

The goal of hai2015 is to further articulate and refine “hands on” approaches that facilitate the well-being of people and animals in a programmatic context.

Interactive group work, discussions and hands-on learning with animals, led by internationally respected professionals, will be at the core of our program. Various clinical models and methods will be explained and demonstrated. The Green Chimneys Farm & Wildlife Center will offer attendees a profound and innovative setting for learning. There will be ample opportunity for informal conversations with the speakers, Green Chimneys staff and fellow attendees, all within the stimulating environment of the Green Chimneys campus.

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