Green Chimneys Students Shine at Annual Talent Show


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February 13, 2017


I was so scared to face my fears,
Nobody told me that you'd be here.
- Adele

But there they were. Moms, dads, siblings. Grandparents, friends and staff. Gathered together, creating a buzz of excitement, anxiously awaiting the night’s stars to enter the auditorium.

The Green Chimneys Talent Show is an annual event with a definite fan base. Led by our staff, including art and recreation therapists and child care specialists, the evening provides Green Chimneys students in our residential program the opportunity to shine.

Conquering the stage is an especially wonderful milestone for Green Chimneys children, many of whom struggle with a range of social, emotional or behavioral challenges. “These creative outlets often seem to provide children with many different emotional benefits,” says music teacher Brian MacCarry. “For some kids it’s the comfort they experience when listening to music privately, for others it’s the self-esteem boost of performing for staff and peers. When kids sing or play instruments together, you can see them connecting socially and communicating in a new way.”

Green Chimneys Talent Show 2017

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The unofficial theme of this year’s talent show was collaboration. Residents were given the option to perform independently or as part of a group. As a result, many children who may not have had the opportunity to interact before worked together.

The night began with a beautiful rendition of Adele’s hit “When We Were Young.” From singing and dancing to archery and onstage origami creating, over 30 performances entertained the crowd. Two energized teens transformed Silentó’s “Whip Nae Nae” into a workout anthem. One child wrote a song of her very own, others told jokes, and all danced their way into our hearts.

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