Green Chimneys Farm Welcomes Ewe Lambs


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November 17, 2015


Two baby girls, also known as ewe lambs, were born at the Green Chimneys Farm & Wildlife Center over the weekend as part of a special arrangement with a nearby farm.

“Partnerships with local, family-owned farms are important for a number of reasons. Last week we began fostering four expectant sheep so that we can share the birthing process with our students,” says farm supervisor Maureen Doherty.

NEWS_Lambs-Born_3-Nov-2015.jpgGreen Chimneys School students are engaged in animal science and biology classes and benefit from opportunities to help care for another being. In this case, they’re helping feed the mother and monitor the babies’ health. In addition, students are observing the deep bond between mom and her babies which is a valuable lesson in relationship, particularly for students on the autism spectrum who often have difficulty understanding and interpreting emotions.

Our students, who have special needs of their own, develop key skills from human-animal interactions in a variety of ways. From weekly chores and lessons in animal care and wildlife rehabilitation to animal-assisted therapy, our children are becoming equipped with a range of social, cognitive and life skills to last a lifetime.

In about a month, when the lambs are a little older and stronger, they will leave Green Chimneys and return to their home farm where mom and lambs will meet their real flock.

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