Green Chimneys Farm Welcomes Abandoned Pig


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October 31, 2016


A warm welcome to Oscar; a two-year-old Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig that joined the Green Chimneys farm this past September. Oscar hails from Newport, TN where he was found elbow-deep in mud by an elderly neighbor who lived next door to the recently unoccupied farm that had been his home. The owner passed away and the pig was being visited and fed by the local animal rescue but because they did not have the facilities to care for him, he was left on his own for nearly a month before help could be found. The neighbor knew the pig was still there and did her best to provide temporary care but he needed proper attention; his tusks were overgrown, he was isolated, and he needed a real place to live.

Members of Rising Dove Rescue in New York had also been friendly with the deceased owner and had already initiated contact with the local shelter to help get all of the owner's animals rehomed. Arrangements were made for a local veterinarian to make a farm call to inspect and vet Oscar. The veterinarian was able to foster the pig at his own home until a place at and appropriate transport to Green Chimneys could be secured.

Oscar traveled to Brewster, NY in one day and his transporter was quite taken with him. She made sure he had plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, and discovered he has quite a penchant for hard pretzels!

Today, Oscar’s life couldn’t be better! He loves to root around and hide treasures in the fresh clean wood shavings in his pen. His expert care from the Green Chimneys farm staff centers on a healthy diet with lots of attention, and he’s begun to enjoy friendly visits and ear scratches from staff and students.

The Green Chimneys Farm & Wildlife Center is a primary component of Green Chimneys’ educational and therapeutic programs. Animal-assisted activities range from play with a dog, cat or rabbit during a session with a trained adult, to assisting with everyday tasks of feeding, grooming and collecting eggs, to comprehensive activities such as therapeutic horseback riding. Beneficial nature-based activities also include horticulture therapy including greenhouse and garden work, adventure activities, and a dog interaction and training program to help prepare rescued dogs for adoption.

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