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Green Chimneys Calls for Votes: Help Name Brown Swiss Calf

November 20, 2017

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August 3, 2016


Our calf quota recently doubled thanks to a second gift from Dutchess County based Stormfield Swiss Farm! In June, dairy farmers Jennifer DeForest and husband James Lawrence gave Green Chimneys a male Ayrshire calf, now lovingly known as Atlas. A month later, the couple donated a second male calf, this time a Brown Swiss, making Atlas an unofficial but unique older brother.

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These young steers (neutered males) will play a far different role at Green Chimneys. Their ultimate purpose: to be an active part of therapeutic education programs for children who struggle with social, emotional, behavioral and learning challenges. Over time, the calves will be socialized with our main herd of cows, and more importantly, with Green Chimneys School students. Our children will have the chance to further develop their relationship-building skills as well as learn how to take care of a young, growing animal.

Students already play an active part in the steers’ TLC – from assisting with bottle feedings to helping them exercise and keeping the stalls fresh and clean. By being involved in the calves’ direct care it is hoped that students will transfer these skills when tending to their own pets at home and when nurturing positive relationships with peers and adults.


(Left) The Brown Swiss calf gets a lesson in drinking from farm science teacher Jenna Jasenksy. (Right) The unofficial older brother Atlas, an Ayrshire calf, is doing well and growing strong.

For right now, the calves’ health and integration into the farm are a top priority for our animal experts. And the socializing process has already begun: the calves have been introduced to some of our other animals including llamas, sheep, goats, and even one of our ponies! Green Chimneys makes a permanent commitment to each farm animal that joins our farm and wildlife center; the calves will receive quality care for their entire lives.

We’re so appreciative to Stormfield Swiss Farm for providing our children additional opportunities to connect, learn and make memories to last a lifetime.

Now there’s one thing YOU can do: help us name the new calf!

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