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Four Tips for Helping Families Prepare for the New School Year

November 18, 2017

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August 26, 2016


As the end of summer nears, many families are juggling a substantial to-do list - from final school supply purchases and schedule alignment to addressing children's thoughts and feelings about a a new routine, a new class and/or a new school. For children with social, emotional, learning or behavioral challenges, change can be exceptionally difficult.

Here are 4 back to school prep tips to help smooth the transition
from Jerry Newell, Green Chimneys Director of Education, Clearpool Campus

1. During summer vacation (or any other school break for that matter), children often stay up later. Over the course of a few days help them acclimate to the school schedule by getting them to bed a little earlier and even waking them a little earlier each day.

2. Depending on the age/needs of your child, create a checklist (which can be visual or written) of the tasks needed to be done each morning including hygiene, making the bed and having breakfast.

3. Once school is back in session, set out everything they need for the next morning before bed. Make sure outfits have been selected, and check backpacks for homework, gym clothes, charged electronics for the bus, etc. This will minimize last minute scrambling and stress for everyone. 

4. Each morning, review the day’s schedule, including afterschool activities, before they leave for the day. Reiterate your plans for the day as well, which helps children know what to anticipate and feel "in the know."

May the year ahead bring great learning adventures and reap wonderful rewards for your entire family!

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