About Our Animals

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The Farm & Wildlife Center is home to over 300 farm animals, horses and permanently injured or imprinted birds of prey and other wildlife. As a primary component of Green Chimneys programming for children with special needs, animal rescue and rehabilitation enables animals to thrive in the care of Green Chimneys staff and students and play a role in supporting educational and therapeutic programs. Meet some of our animals >

Caring For Our Animal Partners
Animal welfare is at the core of the Green Chimneys mission and great lengths are taken to provide each animal with the utmost nutrition, housing and veterinary care. Some animals come to Green Chimneys with a history of abuse or neglect and find sanctuary. All animals live at Green Chimneys permanently.

The animals of the Farm & Wildlife Center are valued partners and staff members ensure that animals benefit as much from the interactions as the children do. Therapy animals receive rest periods, enjoy play time with other animals, and are evaluated frequently as part of stress prevention and health maintenance.

Green Chimneys is the 2011 recipient of the ASPCA’s prestigious Henry Bergh Award honoring commitment to the care and well-being of animals.

Green Chimneys is a member of the Farm Based Education Association (FBEA) and the International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations (IAHAIO), and holds an exhibitor license (C) for animals with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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