Scout Programs

Schedule a customized scout outing or overnight trip today! Girl and Boy Scouts can participate in fun and educational nature study, wilderness adventures, and team building activities in full-day seasonal programs. Scout visits to Clearpool are available for all ages and tailored by age group.

Clearpool Outdoor Learning Programs Challenge Young Scouts with Wilderness Adventures

Visits are available from September through May; choose the type of activity that will suit your scouts best:

  • 1- to 2-hour adventures for those looking for after school scout outings
  • Day-long programs for troops looking for weekend activities
  • Overnights that create scout memories to last a lifetime

To explore daylong programs and overnights, or to book your visit, please contact Amy Tyillian at or 845.279.2995 x608.

After School Scout Outings

Educational Nature Study

Discovery Hike

Fall/Winter/Spring – 1 hour
Take a hike at Clearpool, there’s tons to discover! Our knowledgeable facilitators guide a hike on some of our 4+ miles of trails. Get outdoors and get active while you discover the animals, plants and natural history of the Clearpool campus.

Maple Sugaring

February and March only – 1 hour
Experience the maple sugaring process in our Sugar House. Learn about production from sap to syrup, and the history of sugaring in Native American and early American times. Scouts will identify and tap a sugar maple tree, observe the boiling process, and taste the delicious final product.


Fall/Winter/Spring – 1 hour
Observation skills are strengthened in this outdoor birding program. Scouts venture to the varied habitats at Clearpool to find and observe native birds. Birding tools such as field guides and binoculars are used to identify birds. Scouts also practice identifying birds by markings, call, and behavior.

Watersheds and Waste Water

Fall/Winter/Spring – 1 hour
Learn the basics concept of watersheds and how wastewater can affect our local watershed. We will tour our wastewater treatment facilities to understand the process and energy required to clean our drinking water.

Wetland Ecology

Fall and Spring – 1 hour
The Clearpool Model Forest contains a number of wetlands, including a swamp, marsh, bog and vernal pool. Participants will compare and contrast wetland types and gain first-hand knowledge of the animals and plants that call wetlands their home. Prepare to get muddy while exploring some of these habitats.

Wilderness Adventure

Compass Challenge

Fall/Winter/Spring – 1.5 hours
This hands-on program covers the basics of how to use and interpret a compass. Scouts are guided in the use of a compass, how to take and follow a bearing, and skills practice through a fun search activity. Afterward, scouts will find their way through the woods on one of our many trails using a map, a compass, and pacing.

Sensory Awareness

Fall and Spring – 1.5 hours
Senses are heightened as scouts navigate our sensory awareness trail and experience a guided, blindfolded walk in the woods. The program is enhanced with additional sensory-building games and activities.

Outdoor Survival

Fall/Winter/Spring – 1.5 hours
Can you survive in the wilderness? Scouts discover vital needs while learning the science behind survival. Survivors emerge as we create a shelter, learn how to locate food and water in the wild, and maybe even learn how to start a fire without matches.

Teambuilding and Group Initiatives

Fall/Winter/Spring –1.5 hours
Our team building program stimulates group dynamics, breaks the ice, and challenges participants. Clearpool facilitators stimulate the creative thinking process with active and fun games geared toward group participation.

High Ropes Adventure

Fall/Winter/Spring – 2 hours
Scouts accept the ultimate adventure challenge on our famous high ropes course. Not only will they bond as a group but all scouts will be able to push individual limits in a safe environment. Various elements of our course can be adapted to suit a diverse range of scout needs. There is an additional facilitator fee for this activity.**

Low Ropes Adventure

Fall/Winter/Spring – 1.5 hours
This is the cornerstone of the Clearpool adventure experience with over 10 different elements tailored to your group’s specific needs. Each element provides a different mental, physical and social challenge in teamwork, creative problem solving, and communication. Every element promotes acceptance and support of others to achieve a common goal.


Fall/Spring – 2 hours
Enjoy boating on the scenic 3.5 acre Clearpool Lake. Canoes and rowboats are available along with trained staff and certified lifeguards. There is an additional facilitator fee for this activity.**

Night Programs

Night Hike

Fall/Winter/Spring – 1.5 hours
Senses are heightened as scouts take a hike through the nighttime forest. Listen for the night sounds, search for native wildlife and glowing fungus and animals, and pause for a peaceful look at the stars. Educational and safety-focused, the Clearpool Night Hike will build communication skills while scouts learn about visual adaptations, night ecology and nocturnal animals. The hike also includes a special solo walk that encourages independence and a deep nature connection.


Fall/Winter/Spring – 1.5 hours
Enjoy the “Three S’s” of a traditional campfire: Songs, S’mores and Stories! Our campfire ring can fit groups of most sizes and our engaging staff will keep everyone entertained until the fire goes out.


Program length

Group up to 10 scouts

Additional participants

1 hour$100$10 each
1.5 hours$150$12 each
2 hours$200$15 each
**Additional facilitator fee of $100 for select activities.

To explore daylong programs and overnights, or to book your visit,
contact Amy Tyillian at or 845.279.2995 x608.