Clearpool Offers Educational Outdoor Adventure Field Trips

Adventure-based learning through adventure field trips helps to develop skills such as leadership, problem-solving, and group effectiveness. Many of the adventure education programs at Clearpool help establish an attitude of collaboration among participants. Such growth can help participants develop greater self-esteem as well as encourage interpersonal skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Activity programs include:

  • Team building initiatives
  • High adventure challenge courses
  • Sensory awareness
  • Hiking
  • Outdoor living skills
  • Boating
  • Raft building

Outdoor Adventure Courses

Boating – Enjoy boating on the scenic 3.5 acre Clearpool Lake. Canoes and rowboats are available along with trained staff and certified lifeguards.
Best paired with: Pond Study, Watershed Connections

Bombardier – A fun way to review your trip to Clearpool. In this active game, students travel through the Clearpool campus and answer various questions that relate to the programs they participated in during their trip. Seems easy, but beware of the bombardier! If you are tagged by the bombardier, be prepared to “perform” a task to get back in the game.
Best paired with: any program

Compass Challenge – This hands-on program covers the basics of how to use and interpret a compass.  Participants are guided in the use of a compass, how to take and follow a bearing, and skills practice through a fun search activity.  Afterwards, participants will find their way through the woods on one of our many trails using a map, a compass and pacing.
Best paired with: Outdoor Survival, Teambuilding

High Ropes Adventure – Participants accept the ultimate adventure challenge on our famous high ropes course. Not only will they bond as a group but all participants will be able to push their individual limits in a safe environment. Various elements of our course can be adapted to suit a diverse range of participant needs.
Best paired with: Teambuilding, Low Ropes Adventure

Low Ropes Adventure – The cornerstone of the Clearpool adventure experience, with over 10 different elements tailored to your group’s specific needs. Each element provides a different mental, physical and social challenge in teamwork, creative problem solving, and communication. Every element promotes acceptance and support of others to achieve a common goal.
Best paired with: Teambuilding, High Ropes Adventure

Outdoor Survival – Can you survive in the wilderness? Participants learn the science behind survival while discovering basic survival needs. Survivors emerge as we create a shelter, learn how to locate food and water in the wild, and maybe even learn how to make a fire without matches.
Best paired with: Compass Challenge, Mammals: Adaptation and Identification

Raft Building – Construct a raft that can float three people a certain distance on Clearpool Lake. Building materials are provided for a great hands-on lesson in simple machines that also promotes teamwork, creative thinking, and quick problem-solving.
Best paired with: Teambuilding, Pond Study

Sensory Awareness – Participants heighten their own senses by navigating our sensory awareness trail on a guided blindfolded walk in the woods. The program is enhanced with additional sensory building games and activities.
Best paired with: Teambuilding, Night Hike

Sledding – A winter classic. If there is snow, we have sleds and we have hills. Why not?
Best paired with: Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing – A different way to explore the Clearpool property when the snow is at least 4 inches deep. Our experienced staff will guide your group in properly wearing and using snowshoes as we set out on a serene snowshoe hike.
Best paired with: Sledding

Swimming – Clearpool Lake features a large waterfront and swimming area for a refreshing swim. Certified lifeguards are provided.
Best paired with: any program

Teambuilding and Group Initiatives – An ideal warm-up to your trip, our teambuilding program stimulates group dynamics, breaks the ice, and challenges participants. Clearpool facilitators stimulate the creative thinking process with active and fun games geared toward group participation.
Best paired with: any program